BGM Elite 410 / 450 iSR Label Inspection Slitter Rewinder

Grandview, MO


Capable of running 12.7mm cores. Unachievable by virtually any other manufacturer.
Electronic torque controlled rewind system with variable tension control
Automatic roll compensation unwind braking, maximising operators time.
With HMI touch screen the operator is able to manually adjust the roll end value minimising operator intervention and roll end wastage is as little as 1.2m
Web Widths Available • 410mm (16”) • 450mm (17.750”)
Unwind • 2700 linear metre capacity - diameter 700mm (27.5”) • 76mm (3”) air expanding unwind mandrel
Inspection Table • Inspection view area 1140mm long x 470mm wide
Web Guide • Electronically controlled web guidance system
Adjustable Splice Table • Inspection view area 590mm long x 470mm wide • Splice table adjustment from centre position + / - 70mm
Rotary Shear Cut Slitting System
Rewind System
Counter Facility • Label counter • Linear metre counter
Machine Speed • Variable speed up to 300 m / min (984 ft / min)


ModelElite 410 / 450 iSR Label Inspection Slitter Rewinder
Stock Number9000