Equipment Restoration and Rebuilding

A typical rebuild will make your press run like new again. Presses that provide poor registration or inconsistencies in print quality cause unnecessary waste and are very time consuming to operate. During a restoration, our service team will clean, rebuild and also replace missing or broken parts on your press to make it shine like the day it entered your facility, and print like it too! We can also upgrade or add equipment during the rebuild to update your machine with the newest and most effective technology. A rebuild is very economical and can provide only the upgrades you desire and will utilize; instead of unnecessary upgrade packages.

Equipment Upgrades

We are available to add new equipment to your older machines in order to increase flexibility and productivity. By adding things as small as servo drives, or as large as additional stations, your press can be running like the latest models at a fraction of the cost to buy a new machine. We provide assistance and expertise to order, receive and install upgrade accessories and support equipment for many models.

Moving and Rigging

Our professional technicians can disassemble and reassemble your machinery whether the move is across the room or across the country. We offer a full line of services, including moving and rigging label presses and packaging equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, machine shop equipment, production lines, injection molding machines, plastic pipe extrusion lines, and more. We handle machines from a few hundred pounds up to twenty tons. After removing your machines from their current location, we will load them onto trucks and secure for transit to any destination. Our team will also unload and spot, level and anchor your machines at their new location.

Press Maintenance and Repair

Sustaining a maintenance plan for your presses is essential to productivity in any facility. If presses are allowed to break down, efficiency ceases. This can mean delay in product shipment and even loss of accounts, costing you dearly. By keeping up with everyday mishaps simply caused by use, you can extend the reliable life of your presses as well as ensure consistent print quality. Our technicians are skilled in pinpointing problems, describing appropriate corrective actions and executing repairs onsite or in our facility. Consultations lead to a plan for smoother operation and increased productivity.